VSCO is a mobile app that helps people create by providing creative guidance, editing tools, and a community that supports without judgement.

The company was started in 2011 with my friends Joel Flory, Zach Hodges, Wayne Wu and Mike Wu. Thanks to the contributions of many people at the company throughout the years, VSCO has grown into something bigger than I ever thought possible. Today, millions of people around the world use VSCO to create and share their creativity.


2011 — Present
Co-Founder, Chief Experience Officer

In 2023, Creative agency EST +6™ breathed new life into the VSCO brand with an update that honors the past, while creating guidelines for the future. Led by Cris Mascort, with motion design by Sang Motion and Playlist Studio, and in collaboration with VSCO (Josh Ulm, Maggie Jurrow, John Slye and Eric Wittman), the visual system is considered and refined.


VSCO App circa 2016. I've always loved the simplicity and focus of the design language created by Wayne Wu and team.


"Decomposition" for VSCO Cyclopedia. This was photographed in our office over a two week period and smelled horrible by the end.


VSCO Gothic, our custom font by Letters from Sweden.


From the VSCO Journal, our editorial arm.

"This is VSCO" campaign featuring Cailin Hill, a photographer, writer and model based in Tokyo. 


VSCO team members Russel (L) and Adrian (R) at the office.


A short film on Kyoto by Alan Algee, sponsored by VSCO.


Throughout the years, we've collaborated with Nike, Hypebeast, Wes Anderson, Street Etiquette, Levi's and others to create experiences and opportunities to support the creative community.


Our free-to-use public photography space in Oakland, and previously New York City. Studio space is so expensive, so we wanted to do what we could to help local creators.


Behind the scenes of a live perfomance of "Body" by Wet in our NYC Studio. It's such a beautiful, sad track.


This little sign in the VSCO HQ makes me happy. Notice the face spells out "V-S-C-O."


VSCO started with photography, but has evolved to include video, design and collage. When it comes down to it, we just want to help people create, however they want to do so.


The VSCO HQ in downtown Oakland sat empty for eight years before we moved in. If it looks familiar, you probably know it from "Sorry to Bother You," which was shot on-location in 2018.


VSCO Voices is a grant program with Access Ventures that supports creators who empower marginalized communities through art. It's one of the things I'm most proud about at VSCO.


Music has always played a big part on VSCO. We've done fun collaborations with a lot of artists, but some of my favorites are Shigeto, Lecrae, Wet and Ta-ku.


VSCO image samples for the Preset launch of Kodak Gold 100 (KG1).


We opened a small (ahem) Micro Gallery in Oakland to feature amazing artists in the VSCO Community. One of the first shows was by Azha Ayanna Luckman. Her family showed up en masse to support her, and I especially remember how proud her Dad was of her.


From a 2018 preset release for Sumac, a warm and bright filter. 


In 2015, we launched VSCO Originals, an array of editorial content by our NYC crew. It was short-lived, but produced some of the best work VSCO has done.


From London to Tokyo to Los Angeles, we partnered with Apple to create over 60 "Today at Apple" VSCO Creator workshops. Meeting people at IRL events make me happy.

"Make It Anway, Make it with VSCO" campaign featuring members of the VSCO community.


VSCO Academy is a place for photographers of all levels to learn, be inspired, and engage in the art of photography.


Outside the VSCO Come Closer gallery in London featuring work from the VSCO creator community. We also had galleries in Oakland, Tokyo and New York City.


We collaborated with Ghostly Records and artist Michael Cina to publish a retrospective on the album artwork of the label. Growing up, Michael Cina was my favorite designer so this felt like a "We made it!" moment for me.



Greg Lutze is a mixed-race Asian American founder, advisor and artist.